We Didn't Make Despacito II, But You'll wish we did.

Welcome to Basement Games Homepage. Developers of The God Awful Video Game. Not Developers of Despacito II. Sorry.

Our Game Started With an Idea.

Back in 2017, Basement Games Decided "Hey let's make a game. Why Not."

This grew into the worst idea we've ever conceived


Who are we though?

Tristan Burtnick

Tall as fuck and really good at keeping everyone in check. Though he studies physics, he should really be in HR.



Developer of marketing graphics and advertising for The God Awful Video Game.

Michael Hines

CEO and Game Director. Isn't actually that good at game development. Probably did hard drugs in a past life.

Mathew Mack

Manual development and story conceptualisation. Comes up with all the weird story ideas that nobody else could come up with.


Story development and Idea man. Helps Mathew with the dumb ideas that get idealised.

Coltin Booth

The Poster child. That's pretty much it.

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The God Awful Video Game

The God Awful Video Game is our passion project, started by the greatest group of people on earth. The God Awful Video Game follows the development team through the most meta game on any platform. After Mike announces to the team that their hard work has finished, it's now time to test it, and you've been hired as the playtester to make sure it's functional. The only issue, the team is now stuck within the game, and it's now your job to get them out alive, or face being fired.

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We Make Games.

We're not good at it, but we do it, not because we have to, but because we can. Don't @ us on any social media.

Contact Us

Basement Games, LLP.
P: (415) 852-9310


For Legal information, contact legal@basementgames.ca


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About Us

Basement Games is an Entertainment Software Development Company headquartered outside of Vancouver, BC.

Basement Games develops the God Awful Video Game, releasing soon. Very Soon.